Bird & Bear Gentlemen’s Night No. 4

Building community is at the heart of Bird & Bear’s vision. Our Gentlemen’s Nights provide an environment for building relationships with other men in our Bird & Bear community. What better way to get to know new people than over a beer and a pipe! Our gatherings are informal, mostly consisting of conversations around a fire while enjoying a pipe. There is also a tour of the Bird & Bear workshop, where Danny (@iowapipemaker) talks about his process of pipemaking, along with a small demo. We also started a new portion of our night where we feature another artisan/craftsman within the community. They are given a few minutes to share what they do, their inspiration… whatever they want to do or say. This is where the “community” really comes into play. Building up and encouraging others in what they are passionate about. This last Gentlemen’s Night featured the songwriting of Travis Pierce (his band is The Fighting Side). He shared his inspiration, approach to music/songwriting, and even played us a few acoustic tunes. It was a great time!


Another treat for the night was the ever talented Dan McClanahan, who brought in some photo equipment to take some fun “smoking portraits”. We had a great time blowing smoke and trying to look tough. This was a great contribution to the night and the images are a lot of fun. Dan is a gifted photographer here in central Iowa. Teamed up with his wife, Alex, McClanahan Studio dominates the central Iowa photo scene. Be sure to check out their work here:

Here are a few of the images from our Gentlemen’s Night….

pipe_night-002 pipe_night-051 pipe_night-036 pipe_night-032 pipe_night-058 pipe_night-072 pipe_night-073 pipe_night-079 pipe_night-080 pipe_night-085 pipe_night-087 pipe_night-089 pipe_night-054 pipe_night-048pipe_night-023

If you’d like to sign up on the mailing list to find out when the next Gentlemen’s Night will be happening, fill out your info here:

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