Bird & Bear Mission Statement / Gentlemen’s Night No. 7

                                                 B&B banner

‘Men of quality and substance’

Bird & Bear, the name of which was inspired by 2 of my children (Finch & Grizzly), is a community. Bird & Bear aims to recapture the essence of what it means to be a man- to harken back to the roots of what a man looks like, what he can do, and more importantly what it is that makes him a man. [We want to awaken that sense of quality and craftsmanship in the men of this community and generation by offering the resources and skills needed to master a craft.] By mastering our own craft we serve as an example of what it means to be an artisan. Furthermore, we build community among men. Our mission is to encourage each other and to build each other up so we can become better leaders, fathers, husbands, craftsmen, and more. Bird & Bear strives to create a community of men that exude quality and substance. We here at Bird & Bear are committed to bringing you consistent content that is both quality and thought provoking. Our mission is to create a community, a brotherhood, of well-versed & uplifting men. With the help of skilled craftsmen and experienced men in our community we will be touching base on topics we feel passionately about:

  • Tobacco Pipes & Pipe Culture
  • Marriage & Family
  • Health & Fitness
  • Skills & Craftsmanship
  • Food
  • Finance
  • Men’s Grooming

Alongside the blogposts discussing the above categories we will be providing you with testimonies and life experiences shared directly from the men in the community. In every post we are committed to leaving the reader with some resources to take away from the informational or story. We will also be putting together a breakdown of Gentlemen’s Night Events with the purpose of providing that information to those who weren’t able to come, but also to showcase what Gentlemen’s Night is all about: Community. Be looking out for our first blogpost within the next few days, and stay tuned as we are committing to provide you with consistent content. Gentlemen’s Night No. 7 Join us for another great night of pipe smoking and conversation on May 30th. There will be a tour of the Bird & Bear Workshop as well as a small demonstration. This month’s featured guest will be my friend Michael Chilton of Trout Unlimited. Artisan no. 7 Michael will share with us about his lifelong passion for fishing and his involvement as President of Trout Unlimited-North Bear. He will also share his fly-fishing skills by teaching us some casting techniques and knots. So bring your best fishing stories to share and let’s continue to build our community by supporting and encouraging each other. Bring your own beer and pipe and I’ll provide the snacks and warm fire. I’ll also have current pipes, beard oil, and leather goods available for purchase if you are interested as well as a couple cool giveaways. Join us for our monthly Gentlemen’s Night. This is where our community is built. Check our events page to get details on the next gathering. If you haven’t already, please RSVP to Danny at: so I have an idea of how many of you will be attending. Head over to the website Bird & Bird to sign up for the mailing list and be updated about upcoming events.  Check out Bird & Bear products while you are there as well! *Radical photo of Danny smoking shot by Augustine Toscano

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