Gentlemen’s Night No. 8 Recap. & Welcoming

by William Bortz

This past Saturday we had the pleasure of bringing in Joey Hawkins to talk about the process of tanning hides. Joey is a great storyteller, and did a great job of outlining the attributes he refined in mastering his craft. We also learned that on top of Joey being extremely patient and diligent, he had to endure quite a few things in order to grow in his craft. Those things being put on a small meth watch for buying large quantities of lye (which are needed in the tanning process), and putting his family through snagging solid roadkill off the side of the road (because when good hide is on the side of the road you don’t not pick it up).

Joey did us an awesome service by sharing with us what someone who is passionate about their skill is willing to go through and invest in order to become a master of their craft.

The Bird & Bear community commends you for your diligence and passion, Joey Hawkins.

Joey Hawkins
Joey Hawkins

Bird & Bear strives to create a community full of men who encourage each other; not to just master their selected craft, but to embody what it means to be a man.

‘Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another’ – Proverbs 27:17

We are a community of men who aim to lift each other up, and one that puts emphasis on really knowing who those men are -whether they are new or have been involved since the beginning.

Dillon Rhea
Dillon Rhea | Cornerstone Resident & Stud at most things.
The dudes of Fontenelle Supply Co.
The dudes of Fontenelle Supply Co. Andrew, Adam, and Erich. | Master craftsmen & beard wearers. | @fontenellecupplyco
Blake VanHouten
Blake VanHouten | Cyclist & Friend.

These are just a few examples of some new faces we have seen around the fire. Some of these dudes are new to pipe smoking, and some are veterans. Some of these dudes drive an hour or more to get here, and others bike. At the heart of Bird & Bear is the desire to be a community full of men who have a story to share, an ear to listen, and a hand to help those who could use it.

*Remember to stay tuned for future announcements concerning Gentlemen’s Nights, but also Bird & Bear have some pretty awesome events planned in the future. Be checking out the website here and there to follow up on events and to get a peek at some of the products that Danny has up for sale.

Hope all you gentlemen had a great Independence Day.

[Bird & Bear is always looking for contributors, whether it be in the form of a conversation, recommendation, or snack for Gentlemen’s Night. If you are interested in being involved in that way, shoot us an email at:]

*Photos by Auggie

Instagram: @mr.miyauggie

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